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2013-14 March 7 Service Schedule

2013-2014 HSO Season Brochure

Monthly schedule calendars

Excused absence / card out electronic procedure.

Musician comp ticket policy (revised October 2013).

HSO musicians may purchase tickets at the student rate of $10.00. Call the box office at 860-244-2999.

To access a PDF of the Master Agreement, go to the roster page.

For information about HSO health coverage, go to the roster page.

Important phone numbers:

Justin Ellis, Director of Artistic Operations: (860) 760-7311 (office)
Ken Trestman, Technical Director: (860) 246-8742 x310 (office), (860) 212-5253 (cell)

Colette Hall, Artistic Coordinator / Executive Assistant to the Music Director: (860) 760-7301 (office), cell (845) 235-5980
Jarek Lis, Personnel Manager: cell (860) 270-9629

This website is intended for use by musicians contracted to play services with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. The site is maintained by Ann Drinan (HSO Violist), working with the HSO Operations Department, to provide you with as much information about HSO services as we can.

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